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Maybe it was a bad day

I was going to write about how bland a pad thai I had a little while ago was. It wasn’t bad, it was just bland. There was no kick to it, there was no real flavour to it. I would like to say it wasn’t even memorable. 

I can’t though. I can’t stop thinking about it. I had two more about 3 days later, from two different places, to see if I was misremembering. I wasn’t. They were amazing. Both of them were very tasty, with a little kick, and the beautiful flavours that I have come to associate my favourite dish with. 

It also was not the worst pad thai I have ever had. That wonderful accolade goes to a three or four dollar microwave one that boasted it was gluten free. Pad thai is normally gluten free. The main noodle is rice noodle. There isn’t a lot you can do to make it more gluten free. Unless you are one of those weird people that has climbed aboard the ‘healthy eating means you can’t enjoy your food’ boat. You lot can sail off into the sunset and eat your bland little flavourless cud-balls somewhere else.  

This one was bland though. Somewhere smack bang in the middle.

It was over two weeks ago and I can’t stop thinking about how bland it was. If you like the idea of something new, but are scared of how it might taste, you will like this pad thai. 

The thing that keeps running through my head though, is that they may have had an off day. Everyone has bad days, and almost every restaurant I like has days when they aren’t as great. Maybe the cooks aren’t feeling their best, maybe the food isn’t as fresh as it usually is, or maybe the serving staff look like they have so many plates to juggle that the plates are falling. The point is, I don’t want to hold their bad day against them, if that was what happened. 

I am even willing to entertain the idea that this may be the flavour that sells in the valley. It isn’t. A few blocks away, on Wickham St you can get some incredible Thai food, and it has flavour. 

My point is, this short piece here is a placeholder, until I have gone back and tried again. I am not expecting it to be bad, I am expecting it to be bland again though. Now that I know though, maybe I will notice something else in it. Maybe I will find some nuance to the flavour that I didn’t notice before, in my state of bewilderment. 

The lemon ice tea I had with it was also a bit bland, but looked pretty good, so I expect that is the way their lemon ice tea is. 

I will keep this short before I keep repeating myself. 

I do just want to say though, it wasn't bad, and in the very blandness of it, it was very memorable. I think I enjoyed it on some level. 

Eat well, friends. 


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